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Aston Reef Consultant Engineers

Building Services Design Consultanty

Reducing negative impacts on the environment, Devon and Cornwall

Operation and Maintenance Manuals;

When a building is built or altered it is a legal requirement for the end user to have a copy of what has been installed and how it is to be used. We are able to provide this information in both paper and digital formats.

This manual will include:

  • Description of the work undertaken
  • Emergency conditions, health and safety and safety procedures
  • A planned maintenance program of works needed to maintain the equipment in a effective condition
  • Operation Instructions
  • Schedule of equipment
  • Fault finding
  • Test and certification and commissioning results
  • Schedule of the installers of the equipment
  • As installed drawings
  • Manufacturers' literature

We are able to:

  • Translate existing hand drawn drawings to a digital format
  • Provide as fitted drawings of services
  • Gas line diagrams
  • Stop cock valve and meter positions